The English countryside has long captured my imagination.

Born in England, I spent my childhood in the county of Dorset and in the South Island of New Zealand.

I was influenced by the bright skies of that Pacific land and absorbed the strong colours and dramatic lines of its landscape.

Yet I was also captivated by the quiet beauty of England’s woods and hills and the mysterious qualities of its wild places.

I pursued a love of word and learning to university in London where I studied English Literature and Geography. I stole moments at my desk to paint, alongside writing essays about the Romantic poets and the formation of Britain’s mountains.

I discovered in writers such as Wordsworth and Thomas Hardy and affirmation of my deep connection to the expressive nature of the land.

Today, I live and work in the countryside of the south of England.

My work is a contemplative response to the beauty of land and sky. It draws from a long tradition of artists, writers, and musicians who have loved the English landscape and given voice to that love through their art.